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Jeremy Corbyn: Flood victims need more help

Labour leader Jeremy Corby has been in the Calder Valley today where he called on more help for flood victims.

Local residents say one of the main issues causing surface flooding is blocked drains - with some describing last week's flash flooding as a 'near miss'. Chris Kiddey reports.


One of oldest plays in world re-enacted in Calder Valley

Hundreds turned out to watch the Easter Pace Egg plays, performed in the Calder Valley on good Friday.

Hundreds in Calder Valley to watch Easter Pace egg plays Credit: ITV Yorkshire
One of oldest plays in the world re-enacted in Calder Valley Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The play is said to be one of the oldest in the world. It sees good triumphing over evil and characters include st George, the King of Egypt, and the bold slasher.

The pics above show the play being acted out in Heptonstall, first by pupils of Calder High School in Mytholmroyd, then by an adult cast.

Multi-million pound investment for flood areas

Flooded York Credit: PA

The Environment Secretary Liz Truss has announced £150 million will be spent on flood defence schemes in areas affected by the December floods.

This includes £115 million extra for Yorkshire with funding for schemes in Leeds, York and the Calder Valley, to better protect 3,000 homes and 1,700 businesses and other properties.

A new £65 million scheme in Leeds will cover the area north of the station and the wider Aire catchment to better protect 579 properties. The Government will provide £35 million between now and 2021, and will provide funding to complete the scheme.

Flooded Calder Valley

The Calder Valley will get an additional £35 million, to better protect 1,600 properties. This will include schemes in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. A feasibility study for the Calder Valley is already underway with an action plan for Mytholmroyd due to be published in May and a plan for the whole Valley by this autumn. This is in addition to the £17 million of work already planned by 2021 in the Calder Valley.

York is to get an additional £45 million funding for work on around 15 schemes at different locations to upgrade raised defences and provide a consistent standard of protection for the City. This will better protect over 2,000 properties. This is in addition to the £10 million that has already been committed for repairs and upgrades to the Foss Barrier where work is planned to start in early April and be complete by December 2017.

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