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Yorkshire Wildlife Park welcome new arrival

Award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating a pre-Easter arrival – the birth of a cute camel.

Proud mum Lottie with the new arrival

The rare baby Bactrian camel, made her debut in the outside reserve last week under the protective eye of her mother Lottie.

She will now be the star attraction alongside the other eight Bactrian camels during the Easter holidays. The baby camel has not yet been named but her name will begin with `G’ as will all the animals who are born in 2014.


Camel won't have to live out days in circus

Monty Credit: Calendar News

Monty had never seen another camel before he was rescued and circus life didn't quite agree with him. But now he loves his new-found freedom - and friends - and he is learning how to be a "normal" camel at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

He follows in the footsteps of Anne the ageing elephant, who was also released by Bobby Roberts travelling circus after complaints over her welfare.