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Cancer death rates have dropped in our region

Cancer death rates have dropped in our region by more than a fifth over the last 20 years, experts have revealed today.

The new figures come as a local awareness and fundraising campaign - which includes this TV advert - is set to be launched by Cancer Research UK. Every year, almost 28,000 people are diagnosed with cancer across Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

Today cancer can be beaten and as these new figures show, mortality rates from this much feared disease are dropping significantly as the fruits of research are producing more effective treatments with fewer side effects.

"But while we're heading in the right direction, too many lives are still being lost to the disease, highlighting how much more work there is to do. Our aim is that one day everyone will beat cancer and the more research we can fund, the sooner that day will come.

– Nicki Embleton, Cancer Research UK


Campaign to stop young smokers

warning to children Credit: Cancer Research UK

A worrying number of youngsters in Yorkshire and the Humber are taking up smoking. That's according to new figures by Cancer Research UK which show that 51 local children aged between 11-15, start the habit every day.

Each year, over 4000 people in the region are diagnosed with lung cancer and 3400 die from the disease. The charity is now calling on the Government to commit to plain cigarette packaging, in a bid to make smoking less attractive to children.

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