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More foster families needed in Yorkshire & Humber

More foster families needed in region Credit: PA

At least 750 new foster families are needed across Yorkshire and the Humber during 2014, according to figures from the Fostering Network.

More foster families are needed not only to replace the 12 per cent who leave each year, but to ensure that the children who come into foster care find carers who have the skills and qualities they need, and are available immediately.

Families are particularly needed to provide homes for teenagers, children with disabilities and sibling groups.

The Fostering Network says without enough families willing and able to offer homes to these groups, some children will find themselves living a long way from family, school and friends or being split up from brothers and sisters.

York child abduction suspect arrested

A man from York at the centre of a child abduction investigation has been arrested on board a plane at Luton Airport as he allegedly tried to leave the country.

The 34-year-old was held after reports to North Yorkshire Police by a York woman who claimed her husband had taken her two-year-old son and was intending to leave the country. The boy was found safe and well allegedly with the man on a plane which was about to leave England.

The suspect was arrested and is being transported back to York for questioning. The child is being reunited with his mother. Police say it was a fast-moving incident and have praised officers and Border Agency officials for their rapid response.

Smoking increase a "child protection issue"

Researchers warn a study which shows more than 18,000 children took up smoking in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire in 2011 should be seen as a child protection issue.

The researchers based their analysis on data taken from the 2011 'Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England' survey, which targets schoolchildren in England between the ages of 11 and 15 every year.

Questionnaires were completed by 6519 children in 219 schools.

"Smoking is among the largest causes of preventable deaths worldwide. The present data should help to raise awareness of childhood smoking and to focus attention on the need to address this important child protection issue."

– Report authors
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