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Lib Dems: Tory plan will lead to longer housing waiting lists

Liberal Democrat Election Spokesman Brian Paddick has responded to the Conservative announcement on extending the right to buy to Housing Association properties.

This proposal will lead to longer waiting lists for homes and fewer social houses.

It does nothing to tackle the country’s affordable housing needs and will only benefit the lucky few.

Independent estimates suggest this could cost at least £5.8 billion, nowhere near covered by forcing Councils to sell of yet more housing stock, as the Conservatives suggest.

That means it will have to be paid for by even more cuts hitting the most vulnerable in society.

– Liberal Democrat Election Spokesman Brian Paddick


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Labour: 'Tories can't stand up for working people'

Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister responded to the Tories’ announcement on Right to Buy for housing association tenants by saying the Conservatives ''can't stand up for working people'

Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds. Credit: PA

The Tories can't stand up for working people. On their watch wages are down £1,600 and we've seen the longest fall in living standards since the 1870s.

This is yet another uncosted, unfunded and unbelievable announcement from the Tories. Having exhausted the magic money tree, the Tories now want people to believe that they can magic up billions of pounds a year from selling off a few council homes. Last year that raised just over £100 million, while this policy costs £4.5 billion a year.

– Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds

PM: "I'm not saying we've solved the problem"

The Prime Minister has admitted to ITV Calendar that some of the new apprenticeships he was launching while in the region today were actually going to people who already have jobs.

David Cameron was talking about his plans to create sixteen thousand new apprenticeships and create three million more if his party gets into power on May 7th. He said his proposals were to tackle the problem of youth unemployment and would be paid for by cuts to benefits.

But during his interview on Calendar, presenter Duncan Wood said Bradford-based Morrisons who the Conservative’s were stating would train up nine thousand new apprentices over the next five years under the scheme had told us that these were going to people who already worked for the company.

Calendar presenter Christine Talbot added that Morrisons had told our reporter that you need to have a contract in place already to qualify for an apprenticeship.

In response Mr Cameron said: “That's their particular scheme but many of the apprentices... at Whitbread's - those are brand new jobs."

He also denied that the new apprenticeships were not “real” jobs as had been claimed, but were schemes with real career prospects decent pay.

He said: "I'm not saying we've solved the problem, but we're creating jobs

We are creating new jobs, youth unemployment has fallen. [Young people are] getting the training, the skills, a better salary and a better life.

– David Cameron

David Cameron was talking to ITV Calendar about the launch of 16,000 new apprenticeships, which he promised earlier today.

9,000 apprenticeships were promised by Bradford-based supermarket chain Morrisons by 2020.

PM: "To say Ed Miliband stabbed his brother in the back is not new"

David Cameron said that personal attacks "won't put people off" going to the polls.

The Prime Minister said: "To pretend saying that Ed Miliband stabbed his brother in his back is not something new"

The Prime Minister made the comments in response to criticism from Labour leader Ed Miliband who said the Conservative Party's campaign was "demeaning."

Labour has accused the Conservative Party has been accused of using 'personal attacks' such as this campaign poster Credit: Conservatives
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