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Pokemon fights crime in South Yorkshire!

"I never thought I would write this headline but PokemonGo has helped fight crime in Doncaster."

– South Yorkshire Police
The game involves people searching for the popular characters in the real world using GPS and maps in their phones Credit: PA images

South Yorkshire Police have credited PokemonGo for fighting crime in Doncaster.

The force made two arrests after a call in from a group who were using the app in the Wheatley area.

"Tonight the team have been out in Doncaster when our control room took a call from a group of friends. These friends had been in the Wheatley area of Doncaster playing #PokemonGo, looking for those pesky little creatures on their app... they travelled down a side road into an industrial and saw something suspicious in a builder's yard. Dilemma... search for Pokemon or call the cops?

Thankfully these budding search heroes called 999 to report what they had seen...

South Yorkshire Police Operational Support to the scene just in the nick of time... the offenders were just leaving the yard carrying their stolen goods. They were stealing decking, clearly wanting to enjoy the summer sunshine in luxury.

They had nowhere to go and had their collars felt. Two arrested for a commercial burglary and are currently staring at the cell walls in custody. They will be interviewed later.

The group of friends have given their statements and we wish them well on their quest to find more #Pokemon things... yes I have no idea what a Pokemon is but I am sure someone will happily educate me!"

– South Yorkshire Police

Bedale residents invited to join fight against rural crime

Residents in Bedale are being invited to join North Yorkshire Police in the fight against rural crime.

The local Safer Neighbourhood Team operates a Mobile Watch scheme, which encourages residents using their own vehicles to keep an eye on rural areas, particularly after dark.

Watch members record any suspicious vehicles they come across, and pass the information to the police. If a more urgent response is required, immediate contact with the police can be made using a radio. All participants of the scheme must sign a Code of Conduct before joining, and undergo a short vetting process.

The Mobile Watch scheme currently has six active members, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support and local knowledge that they provide. We are now looking for additional members so we can roll the Watch out even further.

– PCSO Bryan Tongue, Bedale Police
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