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Comrades say farewell to D-Day veteran

Veterans of the Normandy landings paid their respects to fellow comrade Roy Rowbotham today at his funeral in York.

Mr Rowbotham was 93 but just days before he died he was one of the "magnificent seven" D-Day veterans who headed back to the beaches of Northern France - 70 years after they fought there for their country. Grace Melody-Gardner reports.

Veterans gather for D-Day soldier's funeral

Mourners have gathered at the funeral of a D-Day veteran who died days after returning to Normandy for this year's 70th anniversary commemoration.

Former soldiers gather for D-Day veteran's funeral

Ray Rowbotham, from Bishopthorpe, was a career solder in the Royal Atillery. He died early on Saturday morning.

Former soldiers gather for D-Day veteran's funeral

Mr Rowbotham also served in North Africa, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Northern Ireland and Germany.

Former soldiers gather for D-Day veteran's funeral

Farewell to D-day veteran Roy Rowbotham

Roy Rowbotham in Normandy just days before he died

There will be a guard of honour for Normandy veteran Roy Rowbotham at his funeral in York today. Mr Rowbotham died just days after returning from the 70th anniversary commemorations of D-Day in France.

The 93-year-old from Bishopthorpe, North Yorkshire, was determined to take his place among the remembrance events in France to mark the 70th anniversary of the historic military operation earlier this month. His family have described him as a "fighter to the very end"

D-Day veteran remembers colleagues lost in battle

A Yorkshire D-Day veteran says soldiers who fought their way ashore that day are only now getting the recognition they deserve.

Ninety year old Stan Taylor, who went ashore with British troops on Sword beach on June 6th 1944, was speaking at a wartime weekend in Brighouse. Although, he was not in the first wave to hit the beaches, he says he remembers with pride the colleagues he lost in battle.

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