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Cameron avoids the limelight at armed forces parade

Mr Cameron watched the parade but made no public speech

David Cameron was in no mood for talking as made one of his first public appearances since announcing that he would step down as prime minister following the UK vote to leave the EU.

The PM honoured a commitment to attend the Armed Forces Day event in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, but gave no public speech.

Mr Cameron chatted to dignitaries on the platform and applauded at the section of the parade devoted to veterans in wheelchairs.

As he got into his car to leave the town, he managed a brief wave to the crowds.

Cameron heckled as 'traitor' arriving for National Armed Forces Day

A man has shouted 'traitor traitor' at The Prime Minister David Cameron as he arrived in Cleethorpes for National Armed Forces Day.

Mr Cameron announced yesterday that he intends to step down from the role following the result of the EU Referendum.

Mr Cameron alongside the Duke of Kent were applauded as they were introduced to the crowds, before they watched the Armed Forces Day parade.


Brexit 'will not weaken' defence, says Defence Secretary

Brexit will 'not weaken' defence, Michael Fallon The Defence Secretary has told ITV Calendar.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon who is in Cleethorpes for Armed Forces Day Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Mr Fallon is in Cleethorpes for the National Armed Forces day.

He said: "We will work harder with our allies and on our commitment to NATO."

Asked who he would like to see as the next Prime Minister he replied: "It's too early to speculate until we see who the candidates are."

He said that David Cameron had 'done the honourable thing' by resigning adding: 'You need a new Prime Minister to take forward the exit negotiation."

Cameron in 'career-defining election' gaffe

David Cameron accidentally described the general election as "career defining" instead of "country defining" as he addressed a question and answer session in Leeds.

The Prime Minister's slip up was immediately branded as revealing by Labour, who tweeted the Conservatives "were all about Dave."

Mr Cameron was speaking at Asda's Headquarters in the city centre following yesterday night's final televised debate before the election.

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