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Prime Minister visits Barnsley

David Cameron visits Barnsley retailer ASOS

Prime Minister David Cameron praised the way the north of England has been leading the way for economic regeneration. He visited Barnsley based, online retailer ASOS, citing it as an example of the country's recovery.

However, Barnsley's cabinet member for Development, Environment & Culture, councillor Roy Miller, says not enough has been done to bridge the economic divide between north and south.


Prime Minister blames council for Don Valley closure

As the seats are taken out of the Don Valley stadium today, the Prime Minister has told ITV Calendar he blames Sheffield Council for its closure. David Cameron said other councils had found better ways to save money than closing sports facilities.

Answering questions you sent into us, he also insisted the HS2 rail project will go ahead and said the Tories will never have a pact with UKIP. Our Political Correspondent Paul Brand has this interview.

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David Cameron defends 'bedroom tax' system

The Prime Minister vigorously defended his so-called controversial 'bedroom tax' in an interview with ITV News. Asked if it was fair that children "bear the brunt of this kind of policy", he said:

"There is a human impact on the entire country that we currently spend £23 billion a year on housing benefit, that is more, to put it in context than we spend on the entire transport and home office budgets.

"We only spend £33 billion on our entire defence system for the UK. So it's not sustainable to go on with a housing benefit system and a benefit system."

Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking to ITV News presenter Julie Etchingham Credit: ITV News


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PM will 'roll up sleeves and fight' for economic future

David Cameron has pledged to 'stick to the plan' to fix the economy and said he is 'ready to fight' to improve the competitiveness of the UK.

"Some of the changes we need to be competitive will be a big fight. Housing reform, planning reform, the building of new roads, new by-passes.

"The highspeed rail, these are fundamental changes, they are essential for the future of our economy but they are not - and I don't expect them to be - universally supported.

David Cameron speaking in Yorkshire

"But my message is simple, people should make no mistake, in this battle for the future of Britain and our competitiveness, I'm prepared to roll up my sleeves and have a fight if that's what it takes."

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