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North Yorkshire Police arrest 99 in drink-drive Christmas crackdown

North Yorkshire Police’s annual effort to put a stop to festive drink and drug drivers has resulted in almost 100 arrests.

  • Since the crackdown began on 1st December, officers have arrested 99 motorists on suspicion of getting behind the wheel while impaired by drink or drugs
  • Officers have conducted 3204 breath tests in the same period

It is concerning that we have made so many arrests since 1st December and it appears that some people just aren’t getting the message.

It is pleasing though, that we are catching people who are prepared to take a risk and getting them off the roads before they can kill or seriously injure someone.

Between now and the new year, officers will be out in force on our roads and if you drink or take drugs and drive we will catch you and you face losing your licence.

People need to understand that drink driving is simply not acceptable and the police will keep making arrests for as long as motorists keep putting lives at risk through drink or drug driving.”

– Traffic Sergeant Pete Stringer, North Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Group


Police target 'morning after night before' drink drivers

Police getting tough on drink-drivers in North Yorkshire Credit: PA Wire

Police in North Yorkshire are today launching their annual Christmas drink and drug drive campaign. This year officers will be patrolling the roads of North Yorkshire and the City of York throughout the night to prevent people getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

They will also be focusing on catching people who are still over the legal limit the morning after the night before. Last year, in the UK, over 400 people were arrested on suspicion of drink driving the morning after a night out.

280 people lost their lives in the UK during 2011 as a direct result of drink or drug driving, despite the well-documented dangers associated with getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drink or drugs.


Red card for drink drivers

To coincide with Euro 2012 police throughout the region are starting drink drive campaigns.

In North Yorkshire a fast-track court system will be in place to make sure anyone who is found drink and drug driving is banned from the roads quickly.

Police are targeting drink drivers over the summer Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Targeted patrols will be carried out and people are being asked to report anyone suspected of drink or drug driving to the police or anonymously to Crimestoppers.

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