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RAC say young driver deaths are 'disproportionate'

A study by the RAC Foundation has revealed the number of deaths and injuries on the regions roads caused by young drivers.

North Yorkshire has the highest rate - fourteen percent while West Yorkshire has the lowest at just over ten per cent.

Philip Gomm from the RAC Foundation which carried out the survey says current limits on drivers do not fully eliminate risks:

Families urged to stop Alzheimer's patients from driving

The families of people with dementia are being urged to encourage their loved ones to give up driving, because of the potential dangers.This includes the threat to their own lives, and those of others on the roads.

Alzheimer's affects 800,000 people in this country, and before diagnosis and even after - some sufferers are still driving when they should not be behind the wheel.

A survey by a road safety charity has found a decline in the cognitive abilities of older motorists was the biggest worry for more than half of those questioned.

When David Orr was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, his family convinced him to stop driving.

Biggest driving distractions revealed

A survey of 1500 people has found that children are the biggest driving distraction, with 29% of drivers saying kids can take their attention off the road.

Also high on the list was mobile phone use at 24% and changing the radio at 27%.

Top distractions are:

  • Children in the car (29%)
  • Changing the radio channel (27%)
  • Back seat drivers (26%)
  • Sat nav (15%)
  • Attractive pedestrians, drivers or passengers (14%)


Kids are biggest driving distraction

Children in the car are the number one distraction for drivers, according to the latest survey of motorists.

Twenty-nine per cent of drivers admit their kids are their biggest distraction while driving.

The figures were revealed in the latest survey of 1500 drivers by IAM and Vision Critical.

Do your kids distract you while driving? What does? Get in touch on our Facebook page here.

Drivers warned to prepare for severe weather

The Highways Agency is urging drivers to think carefully before setting off on journeys and to prepare for travel disruption tonight into Monday as severe weather is forecast across much of England this weekend.

The Met Office has issued a severe weather alert, forecasting gale or severe gale force winds with gust speeds of 60mph widely expected. Along isolated coastal routes winds gusting at 80mph are expected .

We are working closely with the Met Office to monitor conditions ahead of the weather being forecast over the weekend.

"Drivers, especially those considering a trip with a caravan this weekend, are encouraged to think carefully before setting off as driving conditions are expected to be difficult on Sunday evening and Monday. If you do have to make a journey be prepared, plan your jour¬ney in advance and check the lat¬est weather and traffic conditions along your route.

"Be aware of sudden gusts of wind, and give high-sided vehicles, caravans, motorbikes and bicycles plenty of space."

– Martin Hobbs, Highways Agency Crisis Management Coordinator

Charity's warning over drivers breaking rules of road

Two in three drivers admit to breaking the rules of the road, say Brake Credit: PA

Two thirds of drivers admit to breaking traffic laws when behind the wheel, that's according to a new study by the road safety charity Brake.

It surveyed a thousand drivers and while almost all of them believe they are comparatively safe, the research found that over confidence and complacency is leading to widespread illegal risk taking on roads.

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