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Millionaire Dylan visits old school

Dylan Wilks chats to students and staff at his old school, Bradford Grammar. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Former Bradford Grammar pupil Dylan Wilk returned to his old school today to tell his rag-to-riches life story.**

Raised on a council estate in Leeds by his mother, Dylan attended Bradford Grammar on an assisted place between 1985 - 1991. **

After leaving school he became the 9th richest under 30 year old in the UK thanks to Gameplay, the video games company he started in his kitchen and later sold to entertainment giant Sony.**

He was also involved in the creation of the first platform game and its character - Lara Croft and Tombraider.**

Dylan, now lives in the Phillipines where he deotes much of his time helping some of the poorest people in the world. He is co-founder and vice-president of Human Nature, a social enterprise leader in the market of organic cosmetics **