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Last day for East Lindsey residents to give views on green waste scheme

Credit: ITV News

Public consultation on the Green Waste Service operated by East Lindsey District Council comes to an end today.

The proposals have been out for consultation since July 21. The consultation closes today at 5pm.

Since 2014 the Council has provided the fortnightly Green Waste Service all year around on a subscription basis, with those who use the service making a contribution to the service's cost. Subscribers currently pay £25 per year - around £1 per collection.

The service currently has around 32,000 subscribers generating £800,000 per year. The service costs the Council £1,246,000 to provide, meaning it is subsidised by £446,000 per year.

The Council is seeking resident's views on a number of proposals, including whether or not they believe the full cost of the service should be met by service users in the future, as opposed to it being subsidised.

For more information click here.

Shop front grant scheme launched in East Lindsey

Independent shops in East Lindsey can now get a helping hand from the local council if they want to improve their shop fronts.

East Lindsey District Council has launched a shop front grant scheme which aims to improve the appearance of shop frontages and increase the number of shoppers on high streets.

Retailers will be able to apply for money to fund projects including repairs and restoration of historic features.

East Lindsey is fortunate to have so many independent retailers who create a unique and special shopping environment. The Council is aware that the appearance of a High Street makes a real different to the overall shopping experience and through the Shop Front Grant Scheme the Council wants to give businesses that do have an aspiration to improve their shop frontages a financial helping hand. The Council truly values the District’s independent retailers and this Grant Scheme could be of great benefit to many businesses.

– Cllr Adam Grist

Councillors consider selling off community site

A marketing exercise to advertise the potential sale of Pier Field in Skegness has begun.

Pier Field in Skegness Credit: ITV Yorkshire

East Lindsey District Council listed the site as an asset of community value in March, and councillors say they are considering selling it. Bidders have until September to make an offer for the land but the council has not said for certain whether it wants to sell.

Thousands of homes still at risk of coastal flooding

Seventy five percent of homes at risk of coastal flooding in East Lindsey are still not signed up to receive advanced flood warning, it has been revealed today.

Councils and the Environment Agency are warning that thousands of people on the Lincolnshire coast are putting themselves at risk of harm by not registering with Flood Warnings Direct.

Despite East Coast flooding being the greatest risk to the County, an estimated 75 per cent of households in coastal flood risk areas in East Lindsey have not signed up to the scheme, which is free of charge and provides a telephone call to a landline or mobile to give advance warnings of potential flooding.

"The tidal surge proved that flooding can have devastating effects on communities and it is important people are aware if their home could be affected.

"By signing up for flood warnings from the Environment Agency you will receive plenty of notice which can help you to protect your home and your family."

– David Powell, Head of Emergency Planning at Lincolnshire County Council

"In recent years we have seen the devastating effects of flooding – most recently in 2013 when flooding caused by a tidal surge devastated many homes and businesses across the country.

"While we will never be able to prevent flooding entirely, those living in areas of flood risk, be it on the coast or inland, should be as prepared as they can be, limiting the devastation that a flood can cause.

"I would urge anyone who lives in or has a business in a flood risk area to sign up to the FWD scheme now."

– Cllr Steve O'Dare. Portfolio Holder for the Environment

"Despite year on year campaigns it remains very surprising that such a small percentage of households are signed up to receive free flood warnings. Please don’t delay - make that call as it really can make a huge difference."

– Rachael McMahon. Flood Resilience Advisor

To register for flood warnings go online at, or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188. You can choose five ways that you would like to be contacted with flood warning messages including phone numbers and email addresses so that whether you are at home or away, you will get the messages.


White goods amongst most fly-tipped items

Electrical white goods amongst most fly-tipped items Credit: Armin Weigel/DPA/Press Association Images

White goods like washing machines and freezers are amongst the most likely items to be dumped in parts of Lincolnshire.

East Lindsey District Council have issued a list of the most frequently fly-tipped items as part of its Responsible People anti-littering campaign. Electrical goods top the list, with furniture and children's toys next, closely followed by tyres and builders' rubble.

"Through our Responsible People Campaign we aim to highlight the extent of fly-tipping, littering and dog fouling in East Lindsey in an attempt to make litter-louts think again about their irresponsible behaviour and how it impacts on the lives of their neighbours and their family and friends.

People may think that these offences do not affect anyone but they do. Every Council Tax payer in East Lindsey has to pay towards the clean up process, the offences are also a blight on the landscape of those who live nearby, and dog fouling has well-documented health risks to people - especially children. Our message is clear - littering is unacceptable."

– Councillor Steve O'Dare, East Lindsey District Council

For information on the Council's bulky waste and electrical item collection service visit

2% East Lindsay Council tax rise approved

East Lindsey District Council has announced plans to increase its part of the council tax by two per cent.

At today's Executive Board meeting, councillors approved the draft budget for the 2014-15 financial year.

The move comes as the latest government finance settlement figures show the council is facing a £1.9million (13.9 per cent) reduction in its primary funding in the next financial year.

This is on top of the £1.2million of savings it has had to make in the current financial year.

Recycling collections due to end for winter

East Lindsey District Council’s recycling collection will finish for the winter during the two week period following November 11 – depending on your collection day.

From March 31, 2014, the Council will be launching fortnightly Green Waste Collection for £25 per year for 25 collections over 50 weeks. Details on how to sign up for the service will be released in the New Year.

During the winter months Green Waste can be taken to one of the County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres. To check your current household waste and recycling calendar, visit

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