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Tesco drivers block gates of Doncaster distribution centre

Nearly 200 lorry drivers in Doncaster, striking over planned job cuts, say they'll now end the industrial action if they're offered a better redundancy package.

The workers blocked the gates of Tesco's distribution centre today in their long running dispute with haulage giant Eddie Stobart.

The row broke out in August after Tesco's decision to contract out delivery work. The strikers claim they've been offered new jobs across the country and on worse pay and conditions.

Delivery drivers hold demonstration in Doncaster

Lorry drivers working at a distribution centre in South Yorkshire are holding a demonstration in Doncaster in a bid to save 183 jobs.

They are involved in a dispute with their employer Eddie Stobart Ltd over plans to cut jobs and started continuous strike action on Thursday.

They will start the demonstration at the picket line outside a Tesco distribution centre, and then march into the centre of Doncaster.


Eddie Stobart Ltd 'disappointed' by driver strike action in Doncaster

We’ve worked hard over the last 10 weeks with Unite, and more recently with ACAS, to come up with the best possible financial package for the drivers. Our proposal was a 50% increase in their statutory redundancy pay which would have seen them benefit from significant financial support so it’s disappointing to see them lose out. I’m sure they will feel let down by their representation from Unite. Had Unite concentrated on negotiations, rather than industrial action, then the drivers would be much better off financially.”

– David Pickering, Eddie Stobart managing director

Eddie Stobart and Tesco also say they are confident that the strike will have no impact on deliveries to Tesco stores in the run up to Christmas.


Tesco drivers strike to go ahead

Eddie Stobart, the new employer of Tesco drivers in Doncaster, have been accused of 'walking away' from negotiations by union Unite.

The drivers, at the supermarket's distribution centre, are now gearing up for a 72-hour strike next week. Unite says 180 drivers will be striking for three days - from Wednesday to Friday. There will be disruption to Tesco deliveries across the region.

Stobart’s had a real opportunity to settle this damaging dispute which is hitting its client, Tesco by coming forward with a fair offer – but they threw their toys out of the pram in a fit of pique and walked away.Our members, who face losing their jobs by Christmas, will be striking for three days to save their jobs. The strike starts at 00.15 on Wednesday and runs for 72 hours.

Unite is keen to negotiate a fair and just settlement – but ESL has shown a lack of seriousness in trying to settle this dispute.”

– Harriet Eisner, Unite

Tesco drivers row

Union leaders today rejected an offer put forward by trucking giants Eddie Stobart aimed at settling the Tesco drivers' dispute in South Yorkshire.

The offer was described as "very disappointing" after talks between Unite and Stobart ended in stalemate.

About 180 drivers at Tesco's site in Doncaster took two days of strike action last week over fears for their jobs. Union leaders have refused to rule out further industrial action. No one at Stobarts was available for comment. We have spoken to Harriet Eisner from Unite.

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