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Green Party confident of winning European seat

The European Election count is well underway in Leeds. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The Green Party says it is becoming increasingly confident about winning a European seat in Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Counting has almost finished in Leeds, where ITV Political Correspondent Paul Brand says early indications show that UKIP and the Labour Party are in the lead, with the Greens, Tories and Lib Dems battling for third.

Results from 21 local authorities across the Yorkshire and the Humber region will be sent to Leeds and will be added together to produce a final result.

Countdown to the European Election results tonight

Votes for the European elections are being counted this evening in Yorkshire and the East Midlands. Polling was on Thursday, but the results will not be declared until after ten o clock when the rest of Europe has finished voting.

After a strong showing in the local elections, this is the poll that UKIP really want to top, with a good chance the party could win the most seats. Professor Matthew Flinders from the University of Sheffield says David Cameron is now under pressure.

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