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Fishing deal

A compromise deal to shake up Europe's controversial fisheries policy has been hailed as bringing real benefits for British fishermen - if it wins approval from MEPs.

Marathon talks between EU fisheries ministers ended at dawn with agreement on plans to correct decades of failed attempts to restore dwindling fish stocks.

But the proposals do not include the proposed blanket ban on "discards" - the dumping of some fish back in the sea, dead, to avoid breaching restrictions on the size of landed catches. Instead the deal bans from 2015 only the dumping of pelagic fish - those living near the surface.

Deadline for Lincolnshire sausage appeal

Lincolnshire sausages Credit: Calendar

Campaigners have until the close of today to launch an official objection against the Government's decision to turn down an application to protect the Lincolnshire sausage. The Lincolnshire

Sausage Association (LSA) has been fighting to get protective geographical indication (PGI) for the much-loved banger for seven years which would have meant it could only be made within the county.

But last week, the application for PGI was turned down by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ( Defra). Food and Farming Minister Jim Paice said that there were too many different varieties of the sausage and that the ingredients were not synonymous enough with Lincolnshire.

The LSA have said they are determined to keep fighting and are currently in talks with their lawyers to launch an objection. And with only a ten-day time period allowed since the decision was made by Defra, the LSA has until May 27 to file an appeal.