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Questions over Facebook use at York Council

There are questions about computer use at City of York Council after it was revealed council staff and councillors in the city spend thousands of hours logged on at work to the social networking site Facebook. The authority says staff and members used Facebook for more than 15,700 hours last year.

One councillor claims that equates to the hours worked by eight full-time staff in a year. But the council says staff are allowed to use computers for personal use during their own time, and sites such as Facebook are "legitimate business tools" for some departments.

Former teacher admits hate campaign

A former teacher says her 18 month ordeal is over after being wrongly accused of calling her students "thick" and "inbred" on Facebook. Today prosecutors accepted that Nyanza Roberts comments were taken out of context.

However, her name was only cleared after she took revenge on those she thought had accused her of the insults, by launching a hate campaign, sending sexual infection testing kits through the post.


Police warn about Facebook comments during holidays

Police in North Lincolnshire are asking people to think twice before posting messages on Facebook and Twitter which could result in their homes being identified as unoccupied.

Officers say these days people often forget that by posting certain information on social networking sites, it could result in your home becoming a target for opportunist thief.

In recent weeks officers in North Lincolnshire have been made aware of a number of burglaries in which the victim has posted on Facebook information suggesting their homes will possibly be unoccupied for a number of days.

Olympic torch joke

A woman who joked on Facebook that she'd squirt the Olympic flame out with a water pistol after learning that people who live 60 miles away had been chosen to carry the torch through her hometown of Bridlington, has been given a police warning.

Our reporter Matt Price has been meeting with Helen Perry.


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