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Fuel: Prices could be cut in rural North Yorkshire

Fuel prices in Hawes, North Yorkshire, could be cut Credit: Press Association

Drivers in Hawes in North Yorkshire could see their fuel prices cut. It comes as part of the UK's application to the European Commission to extend the rural fuel rebate scheme.

The town was judged to meet strict criteria, for example showing pricing similar to that of islands currently eligible for discount.

The UK now needs to gain approval for the expanded scheme from the EC. If approved, it could cut up to five pence from the price of a litre.

The final decision on the scheme is expected next year.

MP says fuel cost rise will hit police hard

North Yorkshire Police have revealed a rise of 1p per litre of fuel would mean an extra cost of approximately £14,280 for them annually, based on current mileage.

Anne McIntosh, MP for Thirsk, Malton and Filey, said it was an added pressure the emergency services do not need.

She said: “This information highlights the pressure the public services are under with increased fuel costs. The same standard of service is expected from the emergency services. This is putting very real pressure on delivering public services in rural areas.”

“I am carrying out a sustained campaign against high fuel costs and in favour of a remote rural fuel duty rebate to get the best possible deal for those living in the Thirsk, Malton and Filey constituency.”


Pictures: 'True cost of fuel' signs go up in filling stations

As fuel prices increase again - a campaign's started to show drivers in our region the true cost of tax paid on Petrol and Diesel.

True cost of petrol Credit: Taxpayers Alliance/Nick Pickles

Signs are going up at filling stations showing the breakdown of what we are paying for. The taxpayer's alliance says 60 per cent of what we pay at the pumps goes directly to the tax man. They are hoping to put pressure on the Chancellor to cut duty by five pence per litre over the next five years.

True cost of petrol Credit: Taxpayers Alliance/Nick Pickles
True cost of petrol Credit: Taxpayers Alliance/Nick Pickles


Tesco apologises for fuel mistake

Tesco has apologised after admitting a mix-up, which resulted in drivers filling up with diesel instead of petrol at its Catterick Garrison filling station. The company said the mistake was caused by human error.

There has been an isolated incident where a small number of customers received the wrong grade of fuel when filling up at our store. We are in contact with customers affected to apologise and arrange any necessary repairs to their vehicles.

– Tesco spokesperson

Suspected fuel operation

Three men have arrested in an operation targeting fuel thieves.

They were arrested when North Yorkshire Police and Humberside Police joined officials at a site in Goole. There they found an operation suspected of being used to turn red fuel into white fuel.

Approximately 10,000 litres of fuel was seized along with equipment suspected of being used in the conversion process.

All three men have been questioned and have been released on police bail as the investigation continues.

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