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Inquiry makes 21 recommendations in report about murder of Doncaster teenager

An inquiry into the tragic death of a Doncaster teenager has made 21 recommendations and admitted there were 'missed opportunities'.

13-year-old Casey Kearney was stabbed in a random attack earlier this year by Hannah Bonser, who had a history of mental health problems. She was jailed for 22 years after being found guilty of murder.

An independent report said local organisations missed opportunities and no single agency "owned" Bonser's care. The NHS Trust involved said they accepted all the findings and recommendations.

MP responds to Casey Kearney report

Responding to the report, published by Doncaster NHS, into the care provided to Hannah Bonsor, Labour MP for Don Valley Caroline Flint said:

“Hannah Bonsor clearly had a deeply troubled childhood. And whilst the courts clearly found her responsible for her own actions in murdering Casey Kearney, the frequent contact Hannah Bonsor had with local agencies in the last few years begs questions about the services and support provided to her. The responsibility is now on the various agencies to show they have fully understood what more could have been and should be done for children and young people like Hannah to help prevent future tragedies."

– Caroline Flint


FLASH: Report into Casey Kearney stabbing released

Agencies missed opportunities to help a woman with a history of mental health problems who said she was going to harm someone, before stabbing a 13-year-old girl to death in Doncaster.

Hannah Bonser was jailed for a minimum of 22 years after being found guilty of murdering Casey Kearney in Elmfield Park on Valentine's Day.

Casey was going to a sleepover at a friend's house when Bonser - a total stranger with a diagnosed personality disorder and a history of cannabis abuse - stabbed her once with a 16cm kitchen knife she had bought earlier. More to follow.

Doncaster teenager's killer starts a jail sentence

Hannah Bonser, a former psychiatric patient who stabbed to death a teenager to death, has been jailed. She is starting 22 years behind bars - after a jury decided she knew exactly what she was doing on Valentine's Day this year.

Bonser has still never said why she carried out the attack. Casey's family have spoken of their devastating loss. Chris Kiddey reports.


The Crown Prosecution Service's reaction to Bonser guilty verdict

Hannah Bonser Credit: South Yorkshire Police

Richard Hebbert, the CPS lawyer who was in charge of the case comments on the guilty verdict handed down to Hannah Bonser for the murder of schoolgirl Casey Kearney:

“The manner of Casey’s death in many ways embodies the worst fear of every parent. Having set out to go to the house of a

friend early on Valentine’s Day afternoon, circumstances combined cruelly to put her in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a pointless waste of a promising young life. The prosecution case showed from the outset that Hannah Bonser killed Casey and this was accepted by the defence.

The issue at trial was how responsible she was for what she did. The opinion of a psychiatric expert instructed by the prosecution to assess Hannah Bonser’s mental state was that whilst she was suffering from a personality disorder she was able to understand the nature of her conduct, form

a rational judgement exercise self-control and on that basis she would be guilty of murder. prosecution has been conducted on that basis and today the jury agreed with us. This has been a tragic case for all who have been touched by it, but, of

course none more than Casey’s parents, who, I hope, feel at least that justice has now been done for their daughter.”

Joint statement following Hannah Bonser trial

A joint statement from the NHS, Doncaster Council and the charity Rethink Mental Illness has been issued following the verdict in the Hannah Bonser murder trial.

Casey’s death is a matter of great sadness for us all and our thoughts are with her

family at this very difficult time. are doing all we can to support them. NHS Doncaster has commissioned a detailed independent investigation which is being led by Professor Pat Cantrill, with additional mental health advice. Such reviews are a statutory Department of Health

requirement when investigating deaths mental health service patients. expect the investigation to be completed by the end of this summer and a public report will be published afterwards. Before the report is published we will share it with Casey’s family first.

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