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Holocaust Memorial Day

Remembering those who died in the Holocaust Credit: Calendar news

Events are being held throughout the region to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. At Leeds Town Hall an event to mark the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau takes place on Sunday January 27th, hosted by the Lord Mayor of Leeds Councillor Ann Castle.

It will feature speakers, live music and performances to honour the day 68 years before when the camp in Poland was liberated by allied troops. The Lord Mayor will light a candle to commemorate all those who have been affected by the Holocaust and also more recent genocides .

There will also be a candle-lit commemoration of the 1190 massacre at Clifford's Tower in York on the same day. A guest choir from Moriah Jewish Day School in London will perform at the commemoration joined by pupils of Burnholme Community College.

It is in memory of the darkest chapter in the history of York’s Jewish community. On March 16th 1190 a wave of anti-Semitic riots culminated in the massacre of an estimated 150 Jews – the entire Jewish community of York – who had taken refuge in the royal castle where Clifford’s Tower now stands.


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