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Horse meat scandal: West Yorkshire men in court

Peter Boddy (centre) Credit: Justin Tallis/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Two men from West Yorkshire appeared in court today facing charges over the traceability of meat, following last year’s investigation into the horse meat scandal.

Peter Boddy, who owns an abattoir in Todmorden, and David Moss, his manager, are accused of breaching food regulations that say meat should be traceable from field to fork.

They were sent to Southwark Crown Court - their next appearance is on April 28. Unconditional bail was renewed.

Meeting over horse meat scandal

A national conference will be held in York today looking into the horse meat crisis - the first since the scandal came to light.

Food processing plants in North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Hull, and a slaughter house in West Yorkshire were investigated during the scandal.

Food manufacturers, processors and retailers will be attending as well as experts in the testing and verification of the food supply chain.


Statement from Paragon Quality Foods

Paragon Quality foods have released a statement after it was found some of the

beefburgers they supplied to a chain of hotels have been found to contain horse meat. It reads as follows:

  • "Paragon Quality foods only buys beef from licensed and approved EU suppliers.
  • Since the outbreak of the “horse meat scandal” in the European supply chain, we have carried out extensive testing for equine in our burgers all of which were clear to date, with the exception one product, which is still being investigated.
  • Independently a number of our customers in the UK and Europe have also tested our products and to date all results were clear.
  • Paragon have never knowingly bought or handled equine meat products. All our records are available for scrutiny to our customers and FSA officials."

This is a supply chain problem across Europe due to the adulteration of raw material by criminal elements. As a key beef burger manufacturer the integrity of our product is paramount. We have therefore decided to implement an industry leading system of positive release of all products as from Monday 18th February 2013.

– Spokesman, Paragon Quality Foods Ltd

Horse meat found in South Yorkshire burgers

Doncaster food manufacturing company Paragon Quality Foods Ltd have confirmed that some beefburgers they supplied to a chain of hotels have been found to contain horsemeat.

The company says stressed it has only ever bought meat from reputable suppliers.

“Paragon supplies Whitbread with three beefburgers, and we are advised that equine test results were clear for two of these products and positive for one.

The product in question was first produced by us on January 18, 2013.

We are conducting our own tests on the retained sample of this batch as part of our ongoing investigations.

Paragon have never knowingly bought or handled equine meat products. All our records are available for scrutiny to our customers and FSA officials.”

– Spokesman, Paragon Quality Foods Ltd


Crisis talks over horse meat scandal

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will hold crisis talks today Credit: PA

Environment secretary Owen Paterson is to hold an emergency meeting today with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and retailers over the horsemeat scandal.

Frozen food company Findus UK apologised after tests found up to 100% horse meat in some of its beef lasagnes. Supermarket chain Aldi confirmed that two of its ready meal ranges produced by Comigel, the French supplier also used by Findus, were found to contain between 30% and 100% horse meat.

It comes after a firm in Hull admitted it is being investigated. Flexi Foods, based at this enterprise centre in Hull, supplied a batch of meat that tested positive for horse to Macadam Foods in Ireland.

Hull factory under investigation as part of horse meat scandal

A factory in Hull has admitted its meat is being investigated by the Food Standards Agency.

Today Flexi Foods, on Inglemire Lane in Hull, released a statement.

We are aware of an on-going, wide ranging, Food Standard Agency investigation.

We have been asked to supply some information in relation to only one part of this investigation, with which we are quite voluntarily co-operating.

We feel it would not be fair, nor appropriate, to comment any further whilst the authorities continue with their much wider investigations.

– Flexi Foods spokesman

British Meat Producers Association "deplore" horse meat scandal

The British Meat Producers Association says it "deplores" the latest reported incidents of gross contamination of some meat products.

A Dalepak factory in North Yorkshire was implicated in the horse meat in beefburgers scandal last week.

The BMPA deplores the latest reported incidents of gross contamination of some processed meat products.

We are advised there are no food safety risks involved in the latest incidents.

It is important to distinguish between gross adulteration of products - which may involve illegal behaviour - and incidents where very powerful DNA tests detect low trace levels of unwanted and unintended material.

The BMPA is co-operating with the FSA to establish the facts, and to deal effectively with the issues.

The BMPA has urged its members to be vigilant, and to review their raw material and ingredients sourcing procedures in order to ensure that they meet their responsibilities."

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