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Fatal blaze: homes to be demolished

Residents say there was little that could be done to save a man who died in a house fire at Farnley in Leeds early today. The blaze destroyed the house in Bawn Vale and also badly damaged the neighbouring house. Both properties are expected to be demolished.

Neighbour, Mark Ramsden, said he couldn't get near the burning building.

"There was nothing you could do. The windows were blown out, flames coming through the ceiling," he said.

The man who died, thought to be in his 60s or 70s, has not yet been formally identfied. An investigation into what caused the fire is underway.

Funeral of tragic blaze mum

The funeral of a mother, injured whilst trying to rescue her three young children from a devastating house fire two years ago, has taken place today.

Samantha Hudson was found cuddling her children in a bedroom as fire engulfed their home in Bridlington. She suffered severe brain damage and spent two years in a specialist care home before she died nine days ago. Sarah Clark reports.

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