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Richard III reburial to be raised in Parliament

A York MP will use a Parliamentary debate later to urge ministers to set up an advisory committee to recommend where and how to rebury the recently excavated remains of King Richard III.

The monarch's 500-year-old skeleton was uncovered during an archaeological dig at a council car park in Leicester last year.

It is due to be re-interred at Leicester Cathedral next year. But there are calls to bring them to Yorkshire after claims he wanted York to be his final resting place.

Hugh Bayley, the MP for York Central, said that some people "are sill fighting the War of the Roses" over the monarch's reburial.

He added: "I want the Government to set up an independent committee to decide how, where and when the reburial takes place, and to involve both cities and people from both North and South.”

Keep East Coast main line in public hands, says York MP

Rail services on the East Coast main line should not be returned to the private sector, a York MP has said.

Services on the Yorkshire to London line have been run by a publicly owned company since National Express handed back the franchise to the Government in 2009.

Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Today in the Commons, York Central MP Hugh Bayley urged ministers to_ _"look at the feasibility of running a public sector franchise on the East Coast for a period to compare like-for-like with a private franchise on the West Coast line".

Rail minister Simon Burns said that details of future franchises would be announced "in the spring of this year".