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Detention centre riot

Morton Hall immigration removal centre Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Illegal immigrants have injured five officers during a riot at a detention centre in Lincolnshire, according to border officials.

Up to 40 detainees were involved in the incident at Morton Hall immigration removal centre in Swinderby, Lincolnshire, which saw one detainee taken to hospital and led to 12 others being transferred to other centres.

Staff were injured on December 30, the UK Border Agency said, while up to 50 detainees were also involved in a protest on Christmas Day, in which no-one was injured.

Both incidents, at the former women's prison. were brought under control within an hour.

Morton Hall was opened as an immigration removal centre in 2011. It holds up to 392 foreign national offenders, failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

In September last year, 18 asylum seekers went on hunger strike at Morton Hall because they did not want to be sent back to Afghanistan.

Immigration centre abuse claims

A union claims more needs to be done to protect staff at an immigration detention centre in Lincolnshire, because they're being subjected to abuse and having to deal with gang fights.

The Prison Officers Association are calling on the UK Border Agency to review the mix of detainees at Morton Hall immigration removal centre. As well as for a zero tolerance approach on violence to be introduced. Kate Hemingway reports.

Union claims staff subjected to abuse at Immigration Removal Centre

A union is threatening to withdraw 143 members of staff from Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincolnshire, claiming they're being subjected to abuse on a daily basis.

The Prison Officers Association say staff are constantly spat at, kicked, verbally assaulted and punched whilst at work at the centre in Swinderby. The union also claims staff were recently forced to draw their batons during a fight between groups of detainees.

The POA wants the UK Border Agency to sign up to a 'zero tolerance approach on violence. The Border Agency itself though says the centre is already a safe place for staff and detainees.