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Hull couple scoop almost £7 million jackpot

Lucky couple to be revealed Credit: PA

A lucky couple from Hull are celebrating after scooping almost £7m in Saturday's Lotto Double Rollover Jackpot Prize. They will be revealing who they are - and just how their new found wealth is set to change their lives for the better at a press conference later.

To give the win some context, it is one of the biggest in the East Yorkshire area since the following:

· 1998 - £7.5m – Roy Gibney, Grimsby

· 1998 – £14m – Jacquie King, Grimsby

· 2005 - £18.2m – Tesco syndicate, Driffield


Search for £10 million lottery ticket holder

Search is on for lottery winner

An amazing Lotto jackpot prize of £10,000,000 has yet to be claimed from a ticket bought Bradford. The National Lottery will be targeting locals across the city today, urging everyone to check their tickets.

A giant ad van displaying all the crucial information about the missing ticket will be on site at Bradford City Hall, Centenary Square, before heading off around the area to ensure that no one can fail to see the six luckiest numbers in Bradford.

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