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Nestle chocolate and biscuits in the UK to be made from sustainable cocoa

The entire range of Nestle chocolates and biscuits sold in the UK and Ireland will be made entirely from sustainable cocoa from the new year.

Managing director of the York-based company Andrew McIver said Nestle is the first major confectionery company in this country to achieve the "landmark milestone".

Consumers in the UK can enjoy their favourite products with the confidence that they are made with cocoa that comes from 100% certified sustainable source.

– Andrew McIver, Nestle


  1. Tyne Tees

York City Council welcomes Nestle announcement

I am keen to see as many of the positions as possible come to York. As one of York’s biggest employers, Nestlé has also played an important part in this city’s history.

We are hopeful that this announcement today marks a significant jobs boost, which will provide new career opportunities for young people in the city as a key part of York’s growing future”.

– Cllr James Alexander, Leader, City of York Council


Nestle jobs boost for young

Nestle's headquarters in York Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Food giant Nestle, which has a factory in York, is to create 1,600 jobs across the UK for young people over the next three years, and hundreds of paid work experience placements.

The jobs will range from sales assistants to business management as well as working on the shop floor.

Chief executive Fiona Kendrick said: "Sadly, young people are stuck in a catch-22 situation - they can't get a job without experience, but can't get experience without a job.

"As employers we value young people with experience, so we have to provide them with enough opportunities to gain it."

Nestle said it will offer 300 paid work experience placements in its factories, offices and sales teams as well as helping social enterprise group MyKindaCrowd to give skills and training to more than 12,000 school and college students.

The placements will be for four weeks.

Skills minister Matthew Hancock said: "The food and drink industry is facing a

pressing skills gap and it is critical that businesses take action to engage and

attract young people into the sector.

"I welcome all businesses who offer high-quality work experience, which is

vital for youngsters and firms to bridge the gap between school, college and

work and help build a talent pipeline for the future.

"It is encouraging that Nestle, as a large UK employer, are helping to open up opportunities for young people across their business."