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Council says wardens urged to take 'common sense approach'

Lincolnshire County Council says its parking officers are urged to take a 'common sense approach' when issuing tickets. It follows claims from a Lincoln man that he was issued a parking ticket on his own drive for overhanging yellow lines on the road by one inch.

"Mr Wilson has appealed against his ticket, so we will be investigating this. We usually have a decision in around 14 working days. If we find Mr Wilson has been penalised in error we will of course cancel his ticket. Wardens are not paid per ticket or have any other incentives, nor are we making any profit from this service."

– Lincolnshire County Council Statement

Lincoln man given parking ticket on his own drive

Andrew Wilson claims his van was overhanging lines by one inch Credit: Andrew Wilson

A window cleaner has accused Lincolnshire County Council of 'milking motorists for money', after being given a parking ticket on his own drive.

Andrew Wilson claims his van was sticking out by around an inch over the yellow lines at the time. The council says it's now investigating his appeal.


Parents parking near schools targeted by police

Police in Doncaster are targeting parents who park irresponsibly outside schools when they drop off or pick up their children this January.

It follows a similar operation last year, set up as a result of feedback from the public, school, councillors and local MP, Caroline Flint.

he manner of parking around schools was causing problems for people trying to get to their homes, was making roads unsafe for children to cross and stopping the flow of traffic.

This month officers will be issuing fixed penalty tickets for causing obstructions and parking illegally on zig zag lines.

We have listened to the concerns from the community and have conducted high-visibility patrols outside Doncaster schools to show the dangers to the motorists who park indiscriminately.

“We hope people realise the issues they sometimes cause and know that we will act in the future, with council colleagues, to issue tickets to keep school staff, pupils and pedestrians safe.

– Acting Sergeant Paul Setterfield, Adwick Safer Neighbourhood Team

Getting tough on parking in Lincoln

Lincoln City Council have vowed to get tough with motorists who park illegally when they take over responsibility for parking enforcement from the police in December.

An example of what wardens will be cracking down on Credit: Martin Fisher

A team of 20 strong wardens have been appointed and will have the power to hand out £50 fines. Lincoln City Council say the scheme will not make money but is instead intended to free up the streets of Lincoln and prevent congestion.

They have launched a new on line guide to help motorists brush up on the Highway Code so they avoid getting a penalty notice.


Grimsby parking row

Drivers in North East Lincolnshire say they'll fight plans to increase charges to park their cars outside their houses.

Residents in Grimsby and Cleethorpes have been told the cost of a parking permit is to rise from £15 to £80.

And if 70% of people reject the scheme, the county council says it'll be forced to withdraw permits altogether which will make parking even more difficult. Those against it are holding a meeting tonight to try to find a better solution.

We have been speaking to Councillor Andrew Defreitas about the change.

Row over parking permits

It's going to cost a lot to park here! Credit: Calendar news

Residents living in permit-only zones in Grimsby have been told the cost of a permit is to rise by four hundred and thirty three per cent.

They have condemned North East Lincolnshire Council's plans, which would see the cost of a permit rise from £15 to £80 per year for one permit and £15 to £100 for a permit for a second car.

They have also dismissed the alternative - scrapping permit parking unless 70 per cent of residents agree to the price hike - as "unworkable". An action group has been formed.

Increased hospital parking fines "terrible"

Plans to increase parking fines in hospitals in Sheffield - which would see people parking in a "prohibited area" fined by £60 have been attacked by a union.

Unison say the proposals, which are planned to be introduced from October 1, are "terrible".

The job of enforcing and collecting the fine, which could be reduced if paid immediately, has been sub-contracted to a company called Liberty Parking Services. It is believed anyone who doesn't pay the fine will be pursued through the courts.

This is a terrible proposal and has not been properly discussed. I don't know about Liberty parking, it's more like taking the liberty. This will impact adversely on staff, patients and visitors and £60 is a big fine, particularly as a so-called prohibited area could be parking slightly outside the parking bays not blocking an access route.

This deals with the symptoms but not the problem of insufficient car parking around the Northern General. This is what we should be looking at and finding innovative ways of tackling this and indeed the whole question of traffic going into Sheffield."

This will cause hardship to low paid staff struggling to find an appropriate car parking space as they attend for work and also impact on patients and their visitors who already have enough to think about without £60 fines for a genuine mistake."

– Charlie Carruth, UNISON Regional Organiser

Unison attack plans to increase parking fines at hospital

The union UNISON, has attacked plans by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to increase car parking fines at some of its hospital sites, in particular at the Northern General.

The proposals are planned to be introduced from 1st October and would mean anyone parking in a ‘prohibited area’ would be fined initially £60, reduced by half if they pay early.

“The majority of people who visit our hospitals park appropriately and therefore will not need to worry about receiving a fine. However there are some people who simply choose not to park responsibly, don’t pay and in some cases even block access for emergency vehicles. Therefore, some means of enforcement to ensure the safe running of the hospital sites is essential. We can also confirm that we have provided 200 additional car parking spaces over the last 12 months, and further options are being considered.”

– Neil Thompson, Manager for Hotel Services at the Trust

The car parks affected by the change include those at:

  • The Northern General Hospital
  • The Hallamshire Hospital
  • Weston Park Hospital
  • Jessop Wing
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