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MP's pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher

A marathon session in the Commons to allow MPs to mark the death of Baroness Thatcher has taken place today.

Parliament was told the former Prime Minister from Grantham had made Britain great again, but there was also anger with some Labour MPs boycotting the debate calling it a waste of money.

The South Yorkshire MP John Healey has accused David Cameron of hijacking Margaret Thatcher's death for political gain. Grace Melody Gardner reports.

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Ed Miliband: Margaret Thatcher broke the mould

Labour leader Ed Miliband praised Baroness Thatcher for "breaking the mould".

“At each stage of her life she broke the mould - a woman at Oxford, when there was no a single woman in the university who held a full professorship.

"A woman chemist when most people assumed scientists had to be men, a woman candidate for Parliament in 1950 against the opposition of some in her party in Dartford at the age of only 24, a woman MP in 1959 when just 4% of MPs in the whole of this House were women."

Ed Miliband praised Thatcher for "breaking the mould" Credit: ITV News


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Clegg expected to speak at Thatcher commons session

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is expected to speak at today Commons debate on the death Baroness Thatcher, according to sources, the Press Association reports.

David Cameron will lead the debate, followed by Labour leader Ed Miliband which will enable MPs and peers to pay tribute to the former prime minister.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Credit: Press Association

The Liberal Democrat leader has previously made an additional statement to Mr Cameron, on the Leveson report, but it is not yet clear under which procedure he will make his contribution.

Commons debates on Government motions typically begin with a speech from each of the front benches, before back bench MPs take up the bulk of time with speeches.

The front benches then make wind-up speeches to conclude a debate.

Man who abused Yorkshire MP waits to find out sentence

A man who abused a Yorkshire Tory MP by email after the politician was headbutted at Westminster will have to wait to find out his punishment. Nicholas Scales, 41, told Stuart Andrew he should "Stop wasting police time and get your f****** job done", Leeds Magistrates Court heard.

Scales also suggested the politician - who represents Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough - should go out in Leeds and Bradford to "toughen up". The court heard how Scales who is from Surrey, sent the email after the MP was attacked by Eric Joyce, the Labour Member for Falkirk, in February.

Scales pleaded guilty to sending a malicious communication last month. Scales was bailed and will now be sentenced on August 22.

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