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Wounded soldier completes South Pole trek

Congratulations from the Calendar team to an injured serviceman from Selby, who has finished a gruelling trek to the South Pole as part of the charity Walking with the Wounded's latest expedition.

Ibrar Ali was in a group of injured servicemen and women who - along with Prince Harry - trekked more than two hundred miles across the bleak continent in temperatures as low as minus forty-five degrees. It's taken the team just under a month to complete the journey.


Prince Harry and his team reach the South Pole

Captain Ibrar Ali who walked to the bottom of the world today Credit: PA Pictures

Prince Harry and his fellow adventurers including an army captain from Yorkshire have reached the South Pole, organisers of the Walking With The Wounded charity trek say.

After more than three weeks pulling sleds across the frozen wastes the group stood at the bottom of the world at midday.

The adventurers include Captain Ibrar Ali from the Yorkshire Regiment and 11 other servicemen and women from the UK and other nations who have suffered terrible injuries, including the loss of limbs.

Their trek took them more than 200 miles across the bleak continent to the geographic South Pole.

South Pole trek for injured servicemen and women

A group of severely injured servicemen and women - including one soldier from Selby - are making their final preparations ahead of trekking to the bottom of the world. It's part of the charity Walking with the Wounded's latest expedition.

Prince Harry is patron of the charity which helps soldiers overcome life changing injuries. David Wood joined them in Trafalgar Square as they made their final checks and spoke to the group including Ibrar Ali from Selby who lost his right hand after being injured in Iraq.

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