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Long-serving Lib Dem: "Clegg did the right thing"

Downbeat Liberal Democrat Bill Newton Dunn, the UK's longest serving MEP, said he was 'very disappointed' after the party lost its seat in the East Midlands.

But despite criticism of the Lib Dem leadership, he defended Nick Clegg's approach to the election:

The fantasies that Ukip put about are completely misleading. Nick had the courage to say 'Let's take on Farage and tell the truth' and I give him full credit for that. He did the right thing.

– Bill Newton Dunn, Liberal Democrat

Ukip and the Conservatives each took two of the five seats in the East Midlands, with Labour securing one.

Ukip candidates Roger Helmer and Margot Parker were elected along with Tories Emma McClarkin and Andrew Iain Lewer and Labour's Glenis Willmott.

I'm feeling fairly euphoric, I think it's fair to say. We'd hoped to win, we'd planned to win but we hadn't anticipated that we might win by such a margin.

– Roger Helmer MEP, Ukip