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Veterans gather to remember the Battle of Kohima

Veterans of the Second Word War’s Battle of Kohima will lay wreaths in York today to remember the fallen in what has been described as one of the greatest battles in history.

The eleven veterans now in their nineties will each lay a wreath of poppies assisted by Gurkha soldiers from 2 Signal Regiment in a moving ceremony held in the Dean’s Gardens adjacent to York Minster.

The battle of Kohima in North East India was fought from 4 April to 22 June 1944. Nearly 4,000 British and Indian soldiers lost their lives when Allied Forces halted the advance of the Japanese army in Asia. This battle was ultimately to prove to be the turning point of the Burma Campaign.


Remains of downed Lancaster bomber return to Lincolnshire

More than seventy years since Lancaster Bomber flight PD214 crashed to the ground in northern Germany, and what remains of that fated aircraft has now returned to the airbase where it began its final mission.

Sergeant Ronald Barton was among the crew of eight - killed when their aircraft crashed during a bombing raid in 1944. His remains have never been recovered.

His granddaughters visited the crash site in Germany and have now they've returned to the Lincolnshire airfield where he embarked on his final mission:

Penfriends celebrate work of French Squadrons in Yorkshire during WW2

Two women who have been penfriends for 44 years will be visiting the Yorkshire Air Museum today to commemorate the work of the French Squadrons during the Second World War.

Nicholas Barbara is standing on the far left

Jenny Dunn, from Bradford and Christine Palmade, from Alés in the Languedoc region of France, will be remembering the work of the Christine's father, Nicholas Barbara, who is now aged 93. He was a member of the French Squadrons which were based at RAF Elvington during the war. Nicholas served in the crucial, but often overlooked role of ground crew at Elvington.

Veterans re-visit Normandy

A group of veterans have been taken back to Normandy ahead of the D-Day anniversary. The trip has been funded by the Government, with money set aside from the fines levied against banks involved in the Libor scandal. Today the men have been re-visiting the places which mean so much to them. Lauren Hall reports.

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