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Parents jailed for life for murder of Shafilea

The parents of Bradford-born teenager Shafilea Ahmed are starting jail terms of at least 25 years after they were convicted of killing her nine years ago. The trial judge told them their concern about being apparently shamed in the community was "greater than the love of their child."

The case has highlighted the challenges faced by children whose families operate an "honour system" which clashes with the Western lifestyle. Mark Witty reports



Video: Latest from court in Shafilea Ahmed case

The brother of Bradford teenager Shafilea Ahmed, whose parents are accused of murdering her, has told a court that other members of his family are lying about what happened to her.

Junyad Ahmed was 13 when his sister went missing from their family home. He's today denied playing any part in her alleged killing and playing any part in a cover up. His father Iftikar and mother Farzhana deny her murder.

"I never saw my parents hurt Shafilea" says sister

The youngest sister of Shafilea Ahmed has told the court she's neverseen her parents hurt her sister. The 16 year old, who can't be named for legal reasons. denied her father had told her what to say, and she'd now turned on her mother because she'd changed her evidence.

Both parents deny murdering their daughter. From Chester Crown Court Elaine Willcox reports.

Shafilea Ahmed murder trial hears secret police recordings

A court has been hearing secret police recordings from inside the home of a couple charged with murdering their daughter - the Bradford teenager Shafelia Ahmed. It was claimed they were heard trying to pin their daughter's death on someone else.

During his second day in the witness box, her father also denied he was domineering and violent. He and his wife Farzana deny murdering their daughter at the family home nine years ago. Ann O'Connor has today's dramatic developments from Chester Crown Court

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