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Dramatic charity skydive

When Jessica Small decided do something to raise money for her local charity a parachute jump seemed the perfect thing.

Jessica, who works at the Yorkshire Building Society in Rothwell near Leeds got a team of five friends and set about fundraising over £1200 for a disability charity.

On the day, the team travelled to the Skydive Centre at Bridlington where they were each to jump from a plane many thousands of feet high in tandem with an instructor. All went well until it was Jessica's turn. As she jumped out she had no idea that things weren't going to go exactly to plan.

She came into the Calendar studio to tell Christine and John what happened next.


Taking to the skies for children's charity

A mum from Shipley has got fund-raising off to a flying start, by conquering her fear of heights and leaping from an aeroplane. Gemma Akram's daring challenge raised more that fifteen hundred pounds for Bradford Royal Infirmary's new children's charity.

She says she was inspired to do the Skydive as a thank you to staff on the neonatal ward who nursed baby Amber to health after she was born 14 weeks prematurely. Victoria Whittam reports.

Skydiving mum takes charity leap

Gemma Akram from Shipley got a charity fund off to a flying start. Her skydive raised more than fifteen hundred pounds for the new Bradford Hospitals Children's Charity.

Despite her fear of heights she was inspired to do the jump by the staff in the neonatal unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary, where her daughter was born fourteen weeks early. The youngster's now a bouncing 21 month old, thanks to the TLC she received.