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Soldiers 'Race the Sun' in North Yorkshire

Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Images

A soldier is silhouetted against the sun as he competes during Race the Sun, an endurance event that traditionally takes place from sunrise to sunset in North Yorkshire.

The physically demanding challenge involves swimming, kayaking, cycling, running and marching. It tests soldiers’ physical stamina, teamwork, courage and determination.

Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Images



South Pole trek

The Sole Pole team set off today

Prince Harry will set off today alongside three teams of wounded soldiers from the United Kingdom, United States and the Commonwealth who are racing to the South Pole.

A theme tune has been written by a local musician from York, while wounded soldier Ibrar Ali from Rotherham is also heading out.

All three teams depart from London today for Cape Town, South Africa. They are due to arrive in Novo, Antarctica on November 19 to begin acclimatisation, moving to 87° south on November 30.

They are aiming to complete the 335km expedition by December 16. Actors Dominic West and Alexander Skarsgard also taking part.

Report: Soldier dies in North Yorkshire training exercise

The Ministry of Defence have confirmed the death of a soldier during a training exercise on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Private Michael Ihemere from the West Mercian Regiment was taking part in a routine training exercise in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The 26-year-old soldier had recently returned from Afghanistan and was based at Marne Barracks near Catterick. Today, his colleagues, joined by his widow held a parade in his memory. Claire Ashforth reports.

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Training death soldier 'had a bright future in the Army'

Michael Ihemere's commanding officer has paid tribute to the British army soldier who died on Wednesday, describing the 26-year-old Nigerian as "likeable, kind and talented".

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Ellwood said:

Private Ihemere quickly established himself as a valued member of his platoon. He proved to be a reliable, talented and popular soldier, respected by all across the Company. His likeable and kind nature immediately endeared him to those he worked with.

Whilst on operations, he was involved in some fierce fighting but always remained calm, did his job well and supported his friends and colleagues with resolute loyalty. Private Ihemere showed early signs that he had the potential to progress in the Army and had a bright future.

His loss will be keenly felt across the battalion and the thoughts, prayers and sympathies of all those that had the pleasure to know Private Ihemere are with his wife and family at this difficult time.

– Lieutenant Colonel Mark Ellwood
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