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Ready, teddy ..... we have lift off!

Ready Teddy

Pupils at a school in York are attempting to send a teddy bear into space - using the same computer hardware that astronaut Tim Peake is using for some of his experiments on the International Space Station.

The bear has been placed in a payload attached to a high altitude balloon by students at the Queen Margaret School in York. The project is to coincide with International Women's Day.

Attaching teddy
Preparing for lift-off


Sheffield University pair offer chance to send belongings into space

An image created by the entrepeneur's cameras
An image created by the entrepeneur's cameras

Two Sheffield graduates are hoping their fledgling business will go to infinity and beyond by offering customers the chance to get their belongings into space.

PHD students Alex Baker and Chris Rose have developed a DIY space flight kit which will allow buyers to send items up into space. It uses a helium balloon and can transport items to more than 30,000 metres.

And thanks to an on board camera the images can be seen back on earth when the balloon finally bursts and comes back to earth.

They've already had some spectacular images and hope their Sent Into Space business will encourage other frustrated astronauts to join the space race.