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Pudsey MP unhappy over plans to impose train station parking charges

The MP for Pudsey has met with the Transport Secretary over plans to impose parking charges at 18 train stations in West Yorkshire.

Stuart Andrew thinks the government should reconsider the proposals, which were put forward as a means to recoup some of the money it spends on subsidising Northern Rail:


Man who abused Yorkshire MP waits to find out sentence

A man who abused a Yorkshire Tory MP by email after the politician was headbutted at Westminster will have to wait to find out his punishment. Nicholas Scales, 41, told Stuart Andrew he should "Stop wasting police time and get your f****** job done", Leeds Magistrates Court heard.

Scales also suggested the politician - who represents Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough - should go out in Leeds and Bradford to "toughen up". The court heard how Scales who is from Surrey, sent the email after the MP was attacked by Eric Joyce, the Labour Member for Falkirk, in February.

Scales pleaded guilty to sending a malicious communication last month. Scales was bailed and will now be sentenced on August 22.