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Texting driver jailed for death

Police have warned motorists not to use mobile phones while driving after a Doncaster woman who crashed and killed a man as she sent a text message was jailed for three years.

Susan Noble, 29, was sentenced at Teesside Crown Court for causing death by dangerous driving.

She had pleaded to causing the death of Alexandru Braninski, 25, in a crash near Northallerton in December 2011.

Mr Braninski was pronounced dead at the scene.

The crashed involved a Skoda Octavia, which was stationary at the side of the road with a puncture and a Ford Fiesta driven by Noble.

Mr Braninski was standing behind the car when the Fiesta hit with him and pushed the Skoda into a field at the side of the road.

Evidence showed Noble was using a mobile phone to send text messages to a friend.

Susan Noble has fully accepted that she is responsible for the tragic death of Mr Braninski due to a serious error of judgment.

I want this tragedy to send a very clear message to drivers that using mobile phones whilst driving can and does lead to horrific consequences.

Research from around the world has shown time and time again that this behaviour does cause drivers to lose concentration on the road ahead.

– Traffic Sergeant John Lumbard, North Yorkshire Police


Texting driver kills a grandmother

A driver has been sent jail for three and half years after a text message from behind the wheel of car led to the death of a grandmother.

Nikita Ainley was asking a friend about a night out when her car ploughed into another vehicle, killing Mary Rutherford from East Yorkshire.

Mrs Rutherfords daughter was at York Crown court today when Ainley was sentenced. She says her mother need not have died that day. Tina Gelder reports.

Dangers of texting and driving

Mary Rutherford died in head-on crash Credit: family photo

Sixty eight year old Mary Rutherford, from Withernsea, died when the car she was in was hit head on by Nikita Ainley. She was just 18 and was sending a message on her mobile phone as she drove.

Mrs Rutherford's daughter, Dawn Timmings has previously spoken about her grief and anger over the way her mother died:

"My mum didn't deserve to die like that. I just don't understand what could be so important that you'd put people's lives at risk like that."

Phone records proved that Ainely, now 20, had been sending a message when she smashed head-on into Mrs Rutherford's car in May 2011.

But it was only last month that she pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving. Road safety campaigners say sentences should be tough and that people who text while driving can e up to 23 times more likely to crash

Mum and daughter in happier times Credit: family photo
scene of the crash near Withernsea in 2011 Credit: Calendar news

Video: Family warn about dangers of texting and driving

There are fresh warnings about deadly dangers of texting while driving after a Yorkshire family were left devastated.

Mary Rutherford died when the car she was in was hit by a driver who was sending a message on her mobile phone at the time. Tonight Mary's daughter has spoken to Calendar to warn everyone do not text and drive.

Next month the driver who caused Mary's death will be sentenced in court.


Tribute to woman killed by texting driver

A grieving daughter is warning drivers about the dangers of texting at the wheel after her mother was killed by a motorist who was sending messages on her phone.

Dawn Timmings, who's from Hull, says her family has been devastated by the death of 68-year-old Mary Rutherford in the crash near Withernsea last year. A 20-year-old woman has admitted causing her death by dangerous driving.