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"Unprecedented" traffic on Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridgemaster, Peter Hill, says the bridge has seen "unprecedented levels of traffic" over the last two days because of roadworks on the M180.

Tolls have been suspended to ease congestion Credit: ITV Calendar

He believes it is the first time the tolls have been suspended due to traffic congestion - but that includes last night's suspension between 18:00-19:00 as an emergency measure, due to the same congestion.

He says suspension means that traffic is now flowing freely over the bridge.


Highways Agency "sorry" for M180 delays

The Highways Agency says it is looking at how to reduce the traffic problems caused by roadworks on the M180.

I am very sorry for the long delays experienced over the last two days. My team are revising the schedule to allow us to accelerate the construction work, which will enable us to open one lane of the eastbound M180 by 6am tomorrow morning.

I acknowledge that these closures have been very disruptive to drivers and residents and that the routes around the closure have been heavily congested. To help alleviate the congestion we have agreed with Humber Bridge Authority to suspend the tolls for the next 24 hours to smooth the flow of traffic along the A63 and the bridge and provide a non-tolled alternative to the east coast for drivers avoiding the M180.

– Chris Holehouse, Highways Agency

Humber Bridge tolls suspended amid M180 traffic chaos

Humber Bridge Tolls have been suspended for 24 hours, until midday tomorrow due to the increased traffic levels caused by road works on the M180.

Drivers are being advised to seek alternative routes, as the motorway has been closed eastbound for essential resurfacing work, says the Highways Agency.

Drivers are being diverted via the A18 at junction 1, however the diversion route is heavily congested.

The closure point on the M180 has been amended and is now at junction 1 as the diversion route from this junction is better able to cope with the traffic volumes exiting the M180. This junction 1 to 3 closure will remain in place until Monday 11 August at 6am.

– The Highways Agency

Conservative and Unionist MP for Brigg & Goole, Andrew Percy, has been trying to get the Highways Agency to come up with an alternative plan.

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