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Video: World's largest onion is grown in region

This man really knows his onions. Peter Glazebrook who lives near Newark has just grown something really quite astounding - the biggest onion in the world.

When it as weighed in at the annual Harrogate flower show it tipped the scales at a whopping seventeen pounds and fifteen ounces, or more than 8 kilos if you're under 30. But as, Chris Kiddey discovered, Peter goes in for extra, extra large in whatever veg he grows.



Bradford record attempt on World Hepatitis Day

Members of The Hepatitis C Trust at Karmand Community Centre in Bradford are taking part in a world record attempt to raise awareness of the condition. They are supporting a global event to try and get the most people performing the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" actions in 24 hours.

To coincide with the event, The Hepatitis C Trust is warning that high numbers of people remain unaware of the risks associated with the virus, which if left untreated can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer and even death.

While the virus affects people all over the world, it is particularly common amongst the South Asian population. In some parts of the UK the prevalence of hepatitis C in people from South Asia is five times that of the wider population.

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