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Yorkshire and the Humber have worst record in latest unemployment figures

Yorkshire and the Humber have the worst record in the latest unemployment figures, as an extra 25-thousand people are out of work. Unemployment statistics for the last quarter, which is between April and June, show 266,000 are jobless in the region.

Compared to the rest of the country it shows the highest increase, at almost 10 percent. In seven out of the twelve regions in the UK unemployment is shown to have fallen.

Seven new 'Free Schools' set for Yorkshire and Humber

More than 100 new free schools have been approved to open in England over the

coming years, Prime Minister David Cameron announced today. Seven of those will be in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

'Free Schools' are state-funded but independent of local authorities. They are established by groups including parents, teachers, faith groups and charities and have powers to decide how they spend their budgets and set their own curriculum, teaching hours and term-times.

But teaching unions have claimed that they adversely affect neighbouring schools when they open in areas with no shortage of spaces.