Six Dead in Afghan Blast

Six soldiers - five from the 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment and one from the 1st Duke of Lancaster - were killed when their Warrior Armoured car was blown up yesterday in Helmand province, says the MoD.

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"Outgoing and Aspiring"

The youngest soldier to die in the Warrior vehicle has been described by his Army friends as someone who never moaned about anything and who was always the first to volunteer. Private Christopher Kershaw, from Bradford, had leadership ambitions despite only being 19.

He showed immediate promise and regularly briefed me on his ambition to be a Section Commander and desire to complete a Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Cadre as soon as possible. This typified his approach to military life: outgoing and aspiring.I got the feeling he would have stopped at nothing to get where he wanted to be. Never shy of doing the hard yards and always willing to take on extra responsibility, he quickly became a valuable member of the team."

– Major Edward Colver, his company Commander

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