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Police enforce new street drinking powers

Police in Lincoln are starting to enforce new powers to tackle street drinking. It follows the creation of a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) by the City of Lincoln Council last November. Signs are going up explaining the new rules, which stop short of a total alcohol ban.

The DPPO is one of a number of measures we've put in place to make Lincoln a safe and attractive environment. We work with the police, street pastors and city centre management, as well as bars and clubs, to keep people safe in the city centre, through both enforcement and preventative action, and are positive that this extra tool will help to tackle the specific problem of on-street drinking.

– Sam Barstow, City of Lincoln Council.

Police officers now have the power to ask people to stop drinking alcohol if they are causing, or are likely to cause, a nuisance or annoyance. If that person refuses, an offence has been committed.

This is good news for the people of Lincoln and those who use and visit the city centre. DPPO legislation is another tool which we, the police, can use to reduce the behaviour of those individuals who drink in the street and then choose to behave in an anti-social manner. This is not about stopping sensible and well behaved drinking, but those whose behaviour is not acceptable should at least expect to have their drink taken from them, and to be required to leave the area.

– Mark Garthwaite, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector

The DPPO will be enforced within a boundary set by Newport Arch, St Mark’s Shopping Centre, Broadgate and the Brayford Bridge.

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