Local Elections 2012

Thousands of people across our region have been casting their votes to elect their local councillors. We'll have the latest results here as they come in from our reporters and correspondents across the region.

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Milliband: Labour are "winning back trust"

The Labour leader and Doncaster North MP, Ed Miliband, says their local election victories prove the party is winning back people's trust.

We'll have Labour councils which will be showing, in action, how Labour can make people's lives better even when there's less money around. Councillors have a tough job but they are determined to show responsibility and show that when it comes to libraries, children's centres, local services, Labour can make a difference.

– Ed Miliband MP, Labour Doncaster North

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    Voters across the Calendar region have been at the polls to elect 302 councillors on 15 of our local authorities