Local Elections 2012

Thousands of people across our region have been casting their votes to elect their local councillors. We'll have the latest results here as they come in from our reporters and correspondents across the region.

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Elections 2012: Reaction Leader of Leeds City Council

Keith Wakefield has reacted to the Labour gains in Leeds

“I am delighted with these results. Leeds has sent a powerful message to the Coalition government - their ministers are out of touch with ordinary people and their economic policies are failing communities right across our city.

– Keith Wakefield

“This Government has reduced opportunities for our young people, undermined the NHS and forced working families and the elderly to bear the brunt of a stalled economy – while at the same time giving tax breaks to the super wealthy.

– Keith Wakefield

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    Voters across the Calendar region have been at the polls to elect 302 councillors on 15 of our local authorities