Fishing rules

Officials in Europe have agreed to change rules on fishing which will allow the industry on the East Coast to have more control.

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Regional fishing controls

An agreement has been reached which could provide the East coast fishing industry with more local control.

At a meeting in Luxembourg EU Fisheries Ministers have agreed to ban the discarding of dead fish. The EU Council said a ban will come in to force, but the date at which this achieved is yet to be set.

The UK was also successful in getting the council to agree to let Member States develop their own regional plan to manage fisheries.

For far too long overly detailed decisions have been taken from Brussels and fishermen throughout Europe have been micro-managed – the agreement we reached today will hopefully see some of that power return back to Member States, working with their fishermen.

As reform of the Common Fisheries Policy needs to be agreed by the EU Parliament it is unlikely that any changes will be agreed before the end of this year. What the EU Council has done in agreeing a ‘general approach’ to CFP reform is to send a clear signal to the Parliament on how EU Fishing Ministers would like to proceed.

– Richard Benyon, Minister for the Natural Environment & Fisheries

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