Job fears at Rotherham Hospital

Union leaders have raised fears about suspected number of job losses because of £50 million budget cuts over the next 3 years.

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Union: 'Rotherham won't be the last to announce cuts'

The union warned that Rotherham will not be the last hospital to announce cuts as many are struggling to cope with the impact of funding cuts, rising patient numbers and the legacy of Private Finance Initiative debt.

"This is terrible news for patients and for the local community who will lose vital health services. Cutting nursing staff at a time when we have an ageing population and have already lost nearly 6,000 nurses since the ConDems came to power should worry everyone who relies on the NHS in Rotherham. This announcement will be a devastating blow for families in the run-up to Christmas. The jobs market is incredibly tough. People will struggle to find other work.

– Pam Johnson, Union official

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