Galloway: Ofcom is the wrong body to oversee press

The Bradford West MP George Galloway says having Ofcom oversee a self-regulatory body for the press is completely wrong. But the Bradford West MP who had his phone hacked by the News of the World, has welcomed most of the key proposals in the Leveson Report.

"It's a very clever report, trying to bridge the two demands of freedom for the press and some regulatory backup to rule on its excesses," Galloway said. "He is suggesting an independent, self regulatory body which would be overseen by Ofcom. And that's where I part company with him.

Ofcom is entirely the wrong body for this job, it's proscriptive, narrow and conservative. I've had first-hand experience of it. It is not a body which welcomes thrusting, inquiring, investigative journalism. Ofcom would be the deadening hand on the press.'

– George Galloway MP, Respect Bradford West

Galloway added: "Leveson's criticism of the police, particularly the Met police, for its cosy, often corrupt, relationship with the Murdoch press is spot on. Thousands of people whose phones were hacked, including me, would never have known about it had there not been a second more robust inquiry."