£77.3 million plan to boost training opportunities in Sheffield

Sheffield City Region is officially launching a £77.3 million plan to boost skills and create thousands of new apprenticeships and other training opportunities. The Skills Made Easy Programme aims to create 4000 new apprenticeships and courses to train more than 2000 adults.

Under the Government's 'City Deal' plan, Sheffield City Region will see more than £77m over the next three years to boost skills and increase jobs. Up to £500 million of transport funding could be invested in the City Region to be centred on new business developments.

The Skills Made Easy programme will ensure small and medium sized businesses can access financial support for apprenticeships and accredited training. Business leaders will work closely with councils and education providers to ensure that our workforce has the skills that Sheffield City Region businesses need for future growth and economic success."

– Nigel Brewster, LEP Board Member and Private Sector Skills Lead

You can find out more information on Skills Made Easy here.