Leeds adult heart surgery threat

Adult heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary is under threat as it's emerged that if the children's unit closed, adult services would go the same way.

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Leeds surgery campaigners demand investigation into suspension

The campaign group Save our Surgery, which wants to keep children's heart surgery going at Leeds General Infirmary, is demanding an investigation into the suspension of operations at the unit.

“Given that the suspension potentially put patients at risk, has caused huge inconvenience and added stress to the families of children who have had to be treated elsewhere, and created unnecessary worries and fears amongst previous patients’ families, questions must be asked as to why operations were suspended in the first place.

“We fear it’s no coincidence that the action was taken on the day following the High Court verdict quashing the decision that Leeds should stop surgery, as part of the Safe and Sustainable review.”

“Most irresponsible of all was the use of mortality data that had not been verified. Its use by Professor Sir Roger Boyle was roundly attacked by the body compiling it and also by the British Congenital Cardiac Association. Following proper examination and verification by CCAD and Nicor, the pediatric cardiac surgery mortality figures have been certified as being within the normal accepted range.

“We hope those who made this decision will now be held to account. This whole exercise has been NHS politics at its worst. We call on the Secretary of State to launch an urgent inquiry into these events and what led them to happen. We also want him to make a decision following the Independent Reconfiguration Panel report which will genuinely put the interests of patients first. In our view, this means keeping both the Leeds and the Newcastle units open.”

– Sharon Cheng, Save Our Surgery

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