Bemused seal returned to wild after unnecessary "rescue"

The seal "rescued" in Scarborough

A seal who was "rescued" by walkers from Scarborough beach has been returned to the wild, after it was discovered the seal had not been in trouble at all.

The year-old pup was found on the shoreline - but was simply "taking a break", according to Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary.

Staff at the centre were called out by residents, who had put the pup in a bathtub on Seamer Road.

Lyndsey Crawford, from the sanctuary, said: “Both are to be commended for acting in what they believed to be the animal’s best interests,” she added, “but in reality their rescue efforts were both dangerous and unnecessary.

“The seal proved to be in perfect health, and had probably just hauled out for a snooze, and it’s a minor miracle he didn’t give anyone a nasty bite.”

The bemused seal was fitted with an i.d. tag and returned to the wild.